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Ný plata frá Sigga Björns!

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Newest release by award winning composer

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Sophomore album by a young aspiring jazz guitarist

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180 grams of Aphex Twin.

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Two iconic albums by American singer-songwriter on three vinyl albums

Tracklist 1 Sharone– Play To Win 5:19 2 Jerry Edwards– I Am Somebody 5:09 3 Stardust (2)– Blazin’ 5:17 4 On Top– Wake Up 5:12 5 Tawanna Curry– Let Me Show You 5:03 6 Sense Of Vision– All Of My Love 5:12 7 Cynthia ‘Cookie’ Abrams– Best Part Of Me 4:57 8 Breed Of Motion– Gotta Dance [...]

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Tracklist A1 Certainty A2 All Join In A3 I Wanna Be Your Mirror A4 Oh! The Saviour A5 Born Into The Sunset A6 How Would You Like To Go? B1 Open Air B2 In My Pocket B3 Celebration B4 Mystery Of Pop B5 Roman God-Like Man B6 Strange Or Be Forgotten

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Tracklist Includes the unreleased track ‘O Sole Mio’. Act 1 La Donna È Mobile Di Quella Pira Ave Maria “Central Park Version” Vicino A Te S’Acqueta Au Fond Du Temple Saint O Soave Fanciulla Libiamo Ne’ Lieti Calici Act 2 Amazing Grace New York, New York The Prayer More (Ti Guarderò Nel Cuore) Your Love [...]

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Tracklist A A Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation Remix [Uncredited] – Erol Alkan, Richard Norris 17:04 B A Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re-Animation Remix [Uncredited] – Erol Alkan, Richard Norris 23:05

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Víkingur Ólafsson - Mozart & Contemporaries

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Composed, performed and produced by Ingi Bjarni Skúlason Recorded by Kjartan Kjartansson, February 2021 Mixed and mastered by Kjartan Kjartansson, March 2021 Tracklist: 1. Imperfect 04:08 2. Skinn 02:36 3. Sense 05:15 4. Andrúm 04:52 5. Kynnast 03:46 6. In My Arms 03:34 7. Impulsive 03:56 8. Havneringen 04:52 9. Dilemma 04:07 10. Best Wishes [...]

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Tracklist A1 Núna A2 Svona A3 Hér A4 Ganga Upp B1 Krupa B2 Óreiða B3 Göngum niður B4 Gone Fishing

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Tracklist A1 Kronikropi 2:57 A2 Trouble 3:54 A3 Never Gonna Slow Down 3:36 A4 Born A Sucker 4:48 B1 Já Já Já Já Já 4:12 B2 You Know The Time 3:41 B3 Ógisslegt 3:56 C1 Gemmérséns 4:38 C2 Ooh Baby 4:49 C3 Nýtt Heimsmet Í Kvíðakasti karla 5:48 D1 Ég Vil Fara Niður 5:07 D2 [...]

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Excellent debut album

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Tracklist 1 Fjallið 2 Falið 3 Forn 4 Hold 5 Sál 6 Brennið Kirkjur (Forgarður Helvítis cover) 7 Sár