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Skúli brought us the beautiful Sería via 12 Tónar and we wanted more so he brought us Sería II with Hildur Guðnadóttir, Eyvind Kang and more backing up

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Immediate and improvised by Reptilicus at Tectonics Music Festival in Harpa 2013, features Skúli Sverrisson and more

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Tracklist 1. On The Old Mountain Radio 2. Please Sing My Spring Reverb 3. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (Styromix) 4. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (I.S.A.N. Catena Mix) 5. Flow Not So Fast Old Mountain Radio 6. Please Sing My Spring Reverb (Phonem Mix) 7. On The Old Mountain Radio (Christian Kleine Mix) 8. [...]

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Tracklist Side 1 1. Train 2. Pacific 2 3. Moonhaw 4. Tennessee Valley 5. Kepler-22b Side 2 1. Gloria Fleur Madre 2. Salmon 3. Julia 4. Tennessee Valley (Choir) 5. Pacific 1

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Tracklist A1. Substance A2. Data Terminal B1. Red Shift B2. Unstable

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Edition of 10,000, in sealed fold-out wide-spined sleeve, with five inner card sleeves, holding two paper vinyl covers with the CD and DVD affixed to the middle of each

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Napoli 23 was an one off but exceptional release featuring Skúli Sverrisson, Hilmar Jensson, Eyvind Kang and Matthías Hemstock, released by Smekkleysa in 2002