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Útsala! // Sale!
4399 kr.

Tracklist Shashamane Versions A1. Peace And Happiness A2. Jungle Law A3. Learned A4. One Love, One Heart (Version) A5. Pitched Fever Dubs Of Praise B1. Dervish Dub B2. Dub Some More B3. Disciplined And Dignified B4. Healing Father’s Dub B5. Dub For The Spirits

Útsala! // Sale!
4899 kr.

Tracklist 1. Free Chant (Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi) 2. Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline And Dignity 3. Hymn 4. Dervish Chant 1. Hold Some More 2. Healing Father 3. Healing Ceremony 4. Cattle Herders Chant 1. Ethiopian Praises 2. My God 3. Gospel Train 4. Chant For The Spirits 5. God Is Great 1. Deer Spirit [...]