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Tracklist   A1. Intro A2. Interlude I A3.Tesselate A4. Breezeblocks A5. Interlude 2 A6. Something Good A7. Dissolve Me   B1. Matilda B2. Ms B3. Fitzpleasure B4. Interlude 3 B5. Bloodflood B6. Taro

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Colour-shuffled vinyl: red, yellow, blue, green. Tracklist A1. Intro A2. Arrival In Nara A3. Nara A4. Every Other Freckle B1. Left Hand Free B2. ❦ Garden Of England B3. Choice Kingdom C1. Hunger Of The Pine C2. Warm Foothills C3. The Gospel Of John Hurt D1. Pusher D2. Bloodflood Pt.II D3. Leaving Nara 300 D4. [...]