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Super duo formed in 2021 by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. Their style is a tribute to the old 60/70's R&B/Soul/Funk and this is their debut

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Tracklist A1. The Bird A2. Heart Don’t Stand A Chance A3. The Waters A4. The Season / Carry Me B1. Put Me Thru B2. Am I Wrong B3. Without You B4. Parking Lot C1. Lite Weight C2. Room In Here C3. Water Fall (Interlude) C4. Your Prime D1. Come Down D2. Silicon Valley D3. Celebrate [...]

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Tracklist 1. Heroes 2. Post Requisite 3. Heroes In A Half Shell 4. More 5. Capillaries 6. Burning Down The House 7. Spontaneous 8. Takashi 9. Pilgrim Side Eye 10. All Spies 11. Yellow Belly 12. Black Balloons Reprise 13. Fire Is Coming 14. Inside Your Home 15. Actually Virtual 16. Andromeda 17. Remind U [...]