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Møl's sophomore album is a monster of an album, post-metal for the future to come

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Icelandic dissonant and epic black metal

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Self-titled debut album of Icelandic black metal outfit ÖRMAGNA.

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Abstract and violent black metal from Iceland's Mannveira, their first album seven years and comes on clear vinyl and

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Tracklist 1. The Four Doors Of the Mind 2. 1st Door: Sleep 3. Sorgarefni Segi Eg Þér 4. 2nd Door: Forgetting 5. Sorg 6. 3rd Door: Madness 7. Bikarinn 8. 4th Door: Death

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Tracklist A1. Futureless A2. Death Has Been Consumed A3. Brumal Sleep A4. Everynone (Only Murder Walks Us Home) A5. Dead Days Run Amuck A6. Low Mammon B1. Nigh(t) B2. Dream Too Far B3. Swan Song City C1. The Deepest Alone C2. World Coda D1. Untitled