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Tracklist 1. The Center Of The Cyclone 2. Life On Other Planets 3. The Cosmic Connection 4. Fallout 1. Where Nightmares Are 2. Agent Of Chaos 3. Father Of The Stars 4. Operation Future

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Tómas Jónsson - 3 LP

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Icelandic cinematic krautrock featuring members of Epic Rain, ADHD, amiina, John Grant, Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band and Lhooq just to name a few.  Released in 2020 by Lucky Records. Tracklist A1 Vanishing Hitchhiker 5:54 A2 Man In Grey 5:25 A3 Tulip Staircase 4:02 A4 The Watcher 4:20 B1 The Murdered Peddler 5:08 B2 Hoia [...]