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Tracklist Side 1 1. Train 2. Pacific 2 3. Moonhaw 4. Tennessee Valley 5. Kepler-22b Side 2 1. Gloria Fleur Madre 2. Salmon 3. Julia 4. Tennessee Valley (Choir) 5. Pacific 1

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Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent & black swirled vinyl. 180 grams.   Tracklist A1. Grandi A2. Saga A3. Atlavík A4. Frost A5. Ró A7. Fold B1. Haf B2. Dýpi B3. Loft B4. Fell B5. Logn B6. Rok B7. Land

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Tracklist A. Dissonance B. No Nights Dark Enough i Flow ii Infamy Sings iii Fear And Grief And Pain iv Learn To Contemn Light Eighteen Hundred & Seventy-Five i Waterborne ii In The Dead Of Winter iii Displaced