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New repressing of the Grammy-nominated 5th studio album from My Morning Jacket on Cream/Black Blob vinyl

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The original album remixed and remastered plus 13 previously unreleased demos and b-sides. Includes never before seen photographs

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My Morning Jacket's singer and guitarist pays tribute to George Harrison, reissue with revised artwork and a digital download

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Ninth studio album by the highly influential and much consistent folk rock heroes My Morning Jacket

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Tracklist 1. Heartbreakin Man 2. They Ran 3. The Bear 4. Nashville To Kentucky 5. Old September Blues 6. If All Else Fails 7. It’s About Twilight Now 8. Evelyn Is Not Real 9. War Begun 10. Picture Of You 11. I Will Be There When You Die 12. The Dark 13. By My Car [...]

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Tracklist 1. At Dawn 2. Lowdown 3. The Way That He Sings 4. Death Is The Easy Way 5. Hopefully 6. Bermuda Highway 7. Honest Man 8. X-Mas Curtain 9. Just Because I Do 10. If It Smashes Down 11. I Needed It Most 12. Phone Went West 13. Strangulation 14. Hidden Song #1

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Double live album. Standard double jewel case with clear tray & 16-page “liner notes” booklet. Tracklist Disc 1 1. Wordless Chorus 2. It Beats 4 U 3. Gideon 4. One Big Holiday 5. I Will Sing You Songs 6. Lowdown 7. The Way That He Sings 8. What A Wonderful Man 9. Off The Record [...]

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This album has more features than almost all albums ever released