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Drone Mass was commissioned by ACME in 2015 in celebration of it's 10th anniversary and was premiered by the late composer, ACME, and Roomful of Teeth

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VODA is the debut album by rafnar on 180 gram transparent Vinyl and features guest vocalists Esther Talía Casey, Martje Vande Ginste, Stúlknakór Húsavíkur and Karlakórinn Hreimur

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Icelandic pianist and post-classical composer EYDÍS EVENSEN has released her debut album, she is definitely a rising star and her album features GDRN on one track

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Lana Del Ray’s Honeymoon from 2015 on double vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve

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Digipak and double gatefold vinyl.

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Tracklist A 1. CNN Predicts A Monster Storm 2. Wind Whistles Through The Dark City 3. The Water Rises 4. Our Street Is A Black River 5. Galaxies 6. Darkness Falls 7. Dreams 8. Dreams Translated 9. The Dark Side B 10. Built You A Mountain 11. The Electricity Goes Out And We Move To [...]