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Cyber Monday
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Laraaji album like no other, located at the intersection of new age and gospel, his outlier and magnum opus, the feel-good DIY tape of the century

Cyber Monday
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Peaceful and meditative while simultaneously rhythmic and bass heavy. A new age masterpiece by Beverly-Glenn Copeland

Cyber Monday
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Resists easy genre classification, melding together sounds from New Age, exotica, library music, and the sweeter side of electronic music

Cyber Monday
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Third studio album by longtime Destroyer collaborator is an intriguing and empathic ambient album with touches of jazz and 80s new age nostalgia

Cyber Monday
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Laraaji and Lyghte join forces on this mesmerizing and healing ambient album, originally released on cassette in 1986. Now available on vinyl via Morning Trip Records

Cyber Monday
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This another great album by Oneohtrix Point Never features The Weeknd on single “No Nightmares”

Cyber Monday
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An exclusive new RSD album comprising remixes and edits of material from Laraaji's recent 'Sun Gong' and 'Bring On The Sun' LPs

Cyber Monday
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Tracklist 1.Troll Theme I 2.Troll Theme II 3.Troll Theme III 4.Worms & Hell 5.As you walk into the night 6.Diletta Peter Sellers walking through the night 7.Before falling into the trap 8.Under the spell 9.Being consumed 10.Marionetta 11.Marciapiede 1.The Melancholy of the trolls 2.Diletta Breathing 3.Falling stuff 4.Kralimbra 5.Diletta take 2 6.Scream 7.Hungry

Cyber Monday
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Paul Horn - The Peace Album