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Tracklist A1. Paradise A2. Weirdo A3. As It Is When It Was A4. Broken Promise A5. Way Of Life B1. Bizarre Love Triangle B2. All Day Long B3. Angel Dust B4. Every Little Counts

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12″ Vinyl Tracklist A. Blue Monday B. The Beach

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Tracklist 1. Crystal 2. 60 Miles An Hour 3. Turn My Way 4. Vicious Streak 5. Primitive Notion 6. Slow Jam 7. Rock The Shack 8. Someone Like You 9. Close Range 10. Run Wild

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Tracklist 1. Who’s Joe? 2. Hey Now What You Doing 3. Waiting For The Sirens’ Call 4. Krafty 5. I Told You So 6. Morning Night And Day 7. Dracula’s Castle 8. Jetstream 9. Guilt Is A Useless Emotion 10. Turn 11. Working Overtime

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Tracklist 1. Restless 2. Singularity 3. Plastic 4. Tutti Frutti 5. People On The High Line 6. Stray Dog 7. Academic 8. Nothing But A Fool 9. Unlearn This Hatred 10. The Game 11. Superheated

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Embossed cover, a replica of the first UK pressing remastered from the original master tapes. Tracklist A1 Confusion A2 Confused Beats B1 Confusion (Instrumental) B2 Confusion (Rough Mix)

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The Sugarcubes Tour Jacket 1989 and size M