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The seventh major album by Australian trio, Dirty Three, featuring guest vocalists Cat Power and Sally Timms

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Mogwai’s legendary three EPs united in one package

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The last recording ever of Mr. Lee Hazlewood and lucky enough did it with our very own amiina, limited seven inch vinyl

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Released with a black and white printed card inner with lyrics.

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“It’s a beautiful, pellucid ending to a monumentally brave album that all but called time on this line-up of Bark Psychosis. Really, where else could they have gone from here?” – 10/10 Mojo Tracklist A1 The Loom A2 A Street Scene B1 Absent Friend B2 Big Shot C1 Fingerspit C2 Eyes & Smiles D1 Pendulum [...]

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Stereolab - Mars Audiac Quintet (Expanded Edition)

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Battles - Juice B Crypts LP

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A 2014 repress of Boards Of Canada's 2005 downtempo masterpiece via Warp Records

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Tracklist A 1. Brakhage 2. Miss Modular 3. The Flower Called Nowhere B 1. Diagonals 2. Prisoner Of Mars 3. Rainbo Conversation C 1. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse D 1. Parsec 2. Ticker-Tape Of The Unconcious 3. Contronatura

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Tracklist 1. Vísur Fyrir Þreytta Fugla 2. Ufsanaggar 1390 Kr/kg 3. Guðmann Stálfjöður 4. Útvarp Kalli í öxl hamarfuglsins 5. Sakramenti Hafliða 6. Hugljómun Ostrusósunnar 7. Komdu Nær Mér Afi 8. Bakvið Þykka Spjaldið 9. Blessun Drottins

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Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent & black swirled vinyl. 180 grams.   Tracklist A1. Grandi A2. Saga A3. Atlavík A4. Frost A5. Ró A7. Fold B1. Haf B2. Dýpi B3. Loft B4. Fell B5. Logn B6. Rok B7. Land

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Napoli 23 was an one off but exceptional release featuring Skúli Sverrisson, Hilmar Jensson, Eyvind Kang and Matthías Hemstock, released by Smekkleysa in 2002