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A sensual and a soulful jazz fusion with a good portion of Scandiavian elegance by Mrs Stína Ágústdóttir, her best album yet

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Experimental duo by Icelandic producers and composers Helgi Freyr Tómasson and Ólafur Kári Ólafsson debut on Bulb Mind Records

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Icelandic album of the year 2021

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Alice Clark's highly sought-after Soul Jazz classic produced by Mainstream Records' Bob Shad in 1972

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The North Borders is the fifth studio album by Bonobo on double 180 gram vinyl and features guest vocalists Cornelia, Erykah Badu, Grey Reverend and Szjerdene

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Super duo formed in 2021 by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. Their style is a tribute to the old 60/70's R&B/Soul/Funk and this is their debut

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A wonderful document of Marvin Gaye playing his most cherished album amongst few of 60s hits

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Gatefold jacket. Includes mp3 download code. Royal Studios- Memphis, Tennessee

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Tracklist A1 Pink City A2 Heaven A3 Paradise A4 Magic A5 So Sweet A6 Chains A7 Interlude A8 Beautiful Life B1 Pink Money B2 At My Worst B3 17 B4 Lows B5 Not Alright B6 Give It To Me B7 Icy B8 Pink Family

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Tracklist A1 Born Again A2 Motorbike A3 Steam A4 Why Don’t You Touch Me A5 Magnolias B1 Gold-Diggers (Junior’s Fanfare) B2 Details B3 Sho Nuff B4 Sweeter B5 Don’t Worry B6 Blue Mesas

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Tracklist Volume I 1 Magic In A Mortal Minute 2 With Me In Mind 3 Upstarts In A Blow Out 4 Boylife In America 5 Bitch. I’m Broke 6 Serve This Royalty 7 The Seed 8 Enough Of Nothing 9 Setting The System 10 The Most Beautiful Shame 11 Smoke And Love 12 Michelle 13 [...]

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12″ Reissue Tracklist A1. Mr. Blue Sky A2. Don’t Turn The Lights On A3. You’ve Got The Makings Of A Lover B1. Fantasy Girl B2. Little Person B3. Work To Do

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Violet Vinyl. Tracklist A1. Give Me Some Credit A2. Crazy About You Baby A3. Make Me Yours A4. My Man-He’s A Lovin’ Man A5. Solid Foundation A6. Chain Of Fools B1. It’s Your Thing B2. Walk Away B3. Rescue Me B4. Won’t You Try Me B5. Steal Away B6. Respect

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Tracklist Out The Lies Stop Dem Hard Life Don’t Shoot Guns Down Wildfires X Sorry Ain’t Enough Black Is Bow This Generation Why We Cry Why We Die Black Us Eternal Life Only Synth In Church Monsters June Child Miracles Hold Me Pray Up Stay Up

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Tracklist A1. Ghost Story A2. Song For Barbara Payton A3. We Will Always Love You A4. The Divine Chord A5. Solitary Ceremonies A6. Interstellar Love A7. Ghost Story Pt. 2 A8. Reflecting Light B9. Carrier Waves B10. Oh The Sunn! B11. We Go On B12. Star Song.IMG B13. Until Daylight Comes B14. Wherever You Go [...]

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Fifth studio album by ex-Moloko front woman