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Tracklist 1. Shelter Song 2. High & Hurt 3. Love Kills Slowly 4. Vendetta 5. Drink Rain 6. Gold City 7. Dear Saint Cecilia 8. The Wider Powder Blue 9. The Holding Hand

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Tracklist Side AAA A1. Life Is…Too Short A2. Rhymes A3. I Ain’t Trippin’ A4. Nobody Does It Better Side XXX B1. Don’t Fight The Feelin’ B2. CussWords B3. City Of Dope B4. Pimp The Ho

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Tracklist A1. Calling Me Home A2. Avalon A3. Si Dolce È’l Tormento A4. I Shall Not Be Moved A5. Black As Crow A6. O Death B1. Niwel Goes To Town B2. When I Was In My Prime B3. Waterbound B4. Bully For You B5. Nenna Nenna B6. Amazing Grace

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Tracklist A1. Drilled To Kill A2. Don’t Die On Me Now A3. Knight Of The Dead A4. After The Rain A5. Devil’s Daughter B1. Sail The Darkness B2. The Queen Of Thorns And Roses B3. Come On Over B4. Sangria Morte B5. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind

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Tracklist A1. Learn From Each Other A2. Make It Work A3. My Love B1. Small Talk B2. Pacifico B3. Shake Shake Shake C1. Love Is Always There C2. Warm C3. Something About You D1. Day And Night D2. King City D3. Every Step Every Way

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Black Vinyl Nuclear Blast Tracklist A1. Swarmer A2. Swarm A3. Combustion A4. Rational Gaze A5. Obzen B1. Lethargica B2. Do Not Look Down B3. The Hurt That Finds You First B4. I Am Colossus C1. Bleed C2. Demiurge C3. Dancers To A Discordant System D1. New Millennium Cyanide Christ D2. Mind’s Mirrors / In Life [...]

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180g Vinyl Tracklist A1. The Song Remains The Same A2. The Rain Song A3. Over The Hills And Far Away A4. The Crunge B1. Dancing Days B2. D’Yer Mak’Er B3. No Quarter B4. The Ocean

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Tracklist CD 1 1.Detroit Rock City 2.Deuce 3.Shout It Out Loud 4.Talk To Me 5.I Love It Loud 6.Firehouse 7.Do You Love Me 8.Calling Dr. Love 9.Heaven’s On Fire 10.Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll 11.Shock Me/Guitar Solo 12.Psycho Circus Disc 2 1. Lick It Up / Bass Solo 2. God Of Thunder 3. Cold [...]

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Tracklist A1. Rumours A2. Rocky Trail A3. Comb My Hair A4. Angel A5. Love Is A Lonely Thing A6. Fever B1. Killers B2. Ask For Help B3. Catholic Country B4. Song About It B5. Washing Machine

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Exclusive and strictly limited Earbook-edition. Includes the album on 2 LP’s & 2 CD’s with bonus tracks and 36 page booklet. Tracklist A1. Out For The Glory A2. Fear Of The Fallen A3. Best Time A4. Mass Pollution B1. Angels B2. Rise Without Chains B3. Indestructible B4. Robot King C1. Cyanide C2. Orbit C3. Skyfall [...]

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Limited Edition 3D Holographic Experience! Tracklist A1. Out For The Glory A2. Fear Of The Fallen B1. Best Time B2. Mass Pollution B3. Angels C1. Rise Without Chains C2. Indestructible D1. Robot King D2. Cyanide E1. Orbit E2. Skyfall F1. Down In The Dumps F2. Golden Times F3. Save My Hide

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Tracklist A1. Son Of Sam A2. Somebody That I Used To Know A3. Junk Bond Trader A4. Everything Reminds Me Of Her B1. Everything Means Nothing To Me B2. LA B3. In The Lost & Found (Honky Bach) / The Roost B4. Stupidity Tries C1. Easy Way Out C2. Wouldn’t Mama Be Proud? C3. Color [...]

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Tracklist A1. Roxette A2. She Does It Right A3. Back In The Night A4. Going Back Home A5. Riot In Cell Block No. 9 A6. Sneakin’ Suspicion B1. She’s A Wind Up B2. Baby Jane B3. Down At The Doctors B4. Milk And Alcohol B5. As Long As The Price Is Right B6. Put Him [...]

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Tracklist A1. Cyber Sex A2. Won’t Bite Feat. Smino A3. Rules A4. Bottom Bitch A5. Say So A6. Like That Feat. Gucci Mane B1. Talk Dirty B2. Addiction B3. Streets B4. Shine B5. Better Than Me B6. Juicy Feat. Tyga

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Tracklist 1. Go 2. Nine Lives 3. C’mon C’mon 4. Love 5. Tomorrow 6. Cruise Control 7. Hallucinate 8. Only The Good Die Young 9. Bad Actress 10. Come Undone 11. Gotta Let It Go

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Limited Edition, White/Black Marbled Tracklist A1. Intro A2. The Eye Of Horus A3. Blessed A4. The First Damned A5. Nine Steps A6. Danse Macabre A7. Mandatory Suicide B1. Intro B2. Destiny B3. Way To Salvation B4. Ereshkilgal B5. Cemeterial Gardens