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Sale // Útsala
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Tracklist 1. Get The Party Started 2. To Cut A Long Story Short 3. Ladyshaver 4. Allt Í Fína 5. Call Me 6. I’ve Seen It All 7. Call Me 8. From Russia With Love 9. Happy Hour

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Tracklist 1. Intentions And Variations 2. Sleeping Pauper 3. Unyielding Rocks 4. With A Murmur 5. Eternal Weaver

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Excellent solo debut by ex-Bloodgroup singer Sunna Margrét

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In spring 2015 President Bongo left GusGus to concentrate on his own solo career and released the project “Serengeti” via Albumlabel and Radio Bongo

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Tracklist 1. Í draumi sérhvers manns 2. Yfir djúpin dagur skín 3. Myrkur 4. Það er farið að hvessa 5. BláfjöllB1. Fagur dagur 6. Skaginn 7. Þéttarinn 8. Hinir svartsýnu 9. Hvítir dagar

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Tracklist A1. Cryptid A2. Frostbite A3. Time To Suffer B1. Adrift B2. Captive C1. Midnight Champion C2. Scars C3. Liquid Rust D1. Gravestone D2. Children Of The Elements

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Tracklist 1. Embrace 2. I Thought, I Thought 3. Aeroplanes 4. Sweat 5. Rock Star Suicide 6. Crop Circles 7. All Night Long 8. This Place is the Answer to a Question I’m Not Asking 9. Pornography for the Socially Aware 10. We Woke Up