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Tookah is the sixth studio album recorded by Icelandic singer-songwriter Emilíana Torrini from 2013

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Tracklist Dead Things Wednesday’s Child Tuna Fish To Be Free If You Go Away Weird Friendless Kid To Be Free (Futureshock Vocal Mix) To Be Free (Dillon & Dickens Vocal Remix) To Be Free (Raw Deal Remix) Baby Blue Baby Blue (Rae & Christian Remix) Baby Blue (Runaways Mix) Easy (Tore Johansson Mix) Easy (Album [...]

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Karl Olgeirsson, Kristinn Snær Agnarsson and Jón Rafnsson make jazz versions of Björk, Jónsi, The Sugarcubes, Þeyr, Emiliana Torrini and more

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Tracklist 1. Dead Things 2. Wednesday’s Child 3. Tuna Fish

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Icelandic composer and musician Jóhann Jóhannsson and The Sugarcubes drummer Sigtryggur joined forces on this outstanding Smekkleysa release

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The album was originally released in fall 1996 by Sirkafúsk Records and features Emiliana Torrini and GusGus’ frontman Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson

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Tracklist 1. To Be Free 2. Wednesday’s Child 3. Baby Blue 4. Dead Things 5. Unemployed In Summertime 6. Easy 7. Fingertips 8. Telepathy 9. Tuna Fish 10. Summerbreeze 11. Sea People

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Tracklist 1. To Be Free (Futureshock Vocal Mix) 2. To Be Free (Futureshock Dub) 3. To Be Free (Jadell Mix)

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Tracklist 1. Baby Blue 2. Baby Blue (Rae & Christian Remix) 3. Baby Blue (Runaways Mix)