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To mark the tenth anniversary of the release of I’m New Here , the thirteenth - and last - studio album from the legendary US musician, poet and author Gil Scott-Heron

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Jeff Parker's first release for International Anthem Records in Chicago

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Newest album by drummer Makaya McCraven for Blue Note Records features Jeff Parker, Greg Ward, Joel Ross and more

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Tracklist New York Side A1. A Queen’s Intro A2. Holy Lands A3. Young Genius A4. Black Lion A5. Tall Tales A6. Mantra Chicago Side B1. Pharaoh’s Intro B2. Atlantic Black B3. Inner Flight B4. Wise Man, Wiser Woman B5. Prosperity’s Fear London Side C1. Flipped Out C2. Voila C3. Suite Haus C4. The Newbies Lift [...]

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Tracklist 1. Halls 2. McCraven On The Mic 3. Ox Tales 4. Suite For Artis Gilmore 5. Jupiter Jawn 6. The Oracle 7. The Bounce! 8. King Drive, ’86 Cutlass, No Plates 9. Run ‘Dem 10. Too Shy 11. Drums&Bruk&FeelTheVibe 12. Birthday Solo 13. TRC Thank You Outro 14. Where We Come From

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Tracklist 1. Exploration Intro 2. The Jaunt 3. Slightest Right 4. First Thing First 5. Lonely 6. Gwana 7. On The Spot 8. Butterscotch 9. TomTom 10. Three Fifths A Man 11. In the Moment 12. Quartz 13. Just Stay Right There 14. Untitled 15. Requests 16. Time Travel 17. The Encore 18. The Drop [...]