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The much loved Icelandic collective presents In Another Life, a mesmerizing collection of songs, oscillating between indie pop and classic singer-songwriter material

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Excellent debut album by Iceland’s múm

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Tracklist 1 Photoelectronic 2 Tiny Moon 3 Flashlight 4 The Duality Paradox 5 Flesh & Dreams 6 Hailstorms & Hydrogen Bombs 7 Burning Curtains 8 Cthulhu Regio

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amiina – The Lighthouse Project

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Sin Fang, Sóley, Örvar Smárason - Team Dreams

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Sin Fang – Sad Party

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Sóley - Endless Summer LP

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Sóley - We Sink LP

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JFDR arranges and performs White Sun for strings live at the legendary Hljóðriti Studio in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

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Tracklist 1. Intentions And Variations 2. Sleeping Pauper 3. Unyielding Rocks 4. With A Murmur 5. Eternal Weaver