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The much loved Icelandic collective presents In Another Life, a mesmerizing collection of songs, oscillating between indie pop and classic singer-songwriter material

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Dream Is Murder is the newest output by Icelandic indie supergroup featuring Sóley, Sindri (Sin Fang, Seabear) and Örvar (múm, Andhéri). The music takes up three sides of the 2xLP and the fourth and final side holds an exquisite etching

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Tracklist 1 Photoelectronic 2 Tiny Moon 3 Flashlight 4 The Duality Paradox 5 Flesh & Dreams 6 Hailstorms & Hydrogen Bombs 7 Burning Curtains 8 Cthulhu Regio

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Sin Fang, Sóley, Örvar Smárason - Team Dreams

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Sin Fang – Sad Party

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Tracklist 1. Random Haiku Generator 2. Love Will Leave You Cold 3. Wasted 4. Black Screen 5. Slowly 6. Citrus Light 7. Tennis 8. Space 9. Used & Confused 10. Go to Sleep Boy 11. The Sun Will Go Out 12. Dream Team Party Kids