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Tracklist First Regret 3 Years Older Hand Cannot Erase Perfect Life Routine Home Invasion Regret #9 Transience Ancestral Happy Returns Ascendant Here On… Primis Player Placeholder  

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The Mercury award winning brit pop classic on 180 gram vinyl via Demon Recordings. Suede are one of the leading figures of brip pop

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Professional Sunflow is the first-time collaboration between Laraaji and Sun Araw, two colossal forces in contemporary electronic music

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The highly influential debut album by Television, an album that reintroduced guitars, punk and garage-rock to the mainstream

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Ein af betri íslensku jólaplötum þessarar aldar er nú fáanleg á vínil, systkinin Ellen og Kristján Kristjánsbörn með einstakan flutning á nokkrum vel völdum jólaperlum

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The cassette version of Gaddavír's solid album "Haltu kjafti, ég hef það fínt" via Ægisbraut Records, Icelandic hardcore punk at it's best. Icelandic lyrics about important subjects

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Holdris' debut tape on Iceland's prime punk rock tape label Ægisbraut Records. Halo of Thorns features four smashing death metal tunes

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The Entombed sophomore studio album is by far one of the greatest albums of it's genre, remastered and repressed by Earache Records

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ADHD 8 is kind of a homecoming; this album is their 8th and it was recorded in the smallest town of the Reykjanes-peninsula, Höfn, where they played their first show 13 years ago

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The third solo album by British musician Steven Wilson where he is at the height of his creative powers, prog rock album of 2013

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Sweet Revenge is the third album by American folk singer and songwriter John Prine and it's chockful of rowdy country rockers

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The first ever vinyl release by Ghostigital before they were Ghostigital. Released by the legendary London label Honest Jon's in 2003 on double 10 inch album

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As a self confessed lover of pop music; Transience serves to showcase Steven’s more traditional songwriting skills

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Laraaji album like no other, located at the intersection of new age and gospel, his outlier and magnum opus, the feel-good DIY tape of the century

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Originally released in 2021 for Record Store Day. Gatefold featuring new sleeve notes by Primal Scream leader, Mr. Bobby Gillespie

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If you only want one Ramones album in your life then this is the one, it's on 180 gram black dye vinyl via Rhino Records