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Camille Bertault and David Helbock are two of the most jaw-droppingly talented members of the cohort of European jazz

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All music has its roots in folklore. In some playing styles this is easy to recognize

Janne Mark: reinventing the hymn in Denmark in the spirit of jazz with Scandinavia's finest players

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Stars, drive, and heart: Brecker, Landgren, Evans and more – the “Dream Band” of drummer Wolfgang Haffner on a live double album

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Polish violinist Adam Bałdych is a unique virtuoso of his instrument in jazz

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Radical as never before: e.s.t. improves the interaction between piano, double bass and drums in an orgie of improvisation to an intoxicating adventure of loudicrous soundscapes

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"Louise" gives us the closest insight yet into the character and the creative individuality of one of Europe’s leading jazz musicians

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Rae’s cursed portal reveals screaming sirens and liquid vixens, melting like wax, ruptured and replicating

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Icelandic jazz album of the year by the jazz musician of the year, Ms. Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir just keeps getting better

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Theogonia is the ninth full-length album by Greek extreme metal band Rotting Christ and their first release through Season of Mist

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Tom Waits' Orphans | Bastards is a double vinyl compilation featuring Tom Waits' experimental compositions between 1984-2005

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This is Kjartan Ólafsson's seventeen compositions written using Artificial Intelligence